Dr. Mark Amerasinghe

Dr. Mark Amerasinghe

Monday, May 12, 2014

Dr. Mark Amerasinghe sings, 1983 and 1997,Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Dr. Mark Amerasinghe singing with Prof.Valentine Basnayake/Tanya Ekanayake at the piano.
Foggy foggy dew.
Irish eyes.
Thestar of the County Down.
Galway Bay
Eriskay Love Lilt.
Linden Lee.
Coming through the rye.
Rose of Tralee.
Beautiful Dreamer.
Curly headed Baby.
Some enchanted evening.
Stormy weather.
Short’nin bread. 
Slection of Schubert
                Der Neuglerige.
                Der Lindenbaum.
The Holy City.
La Spagnola.

Please click on the web-link below to hear the performance:-

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