Dr. Mark Amerasinghe

Dr. Mark Amerasinghe

Sunday, June 1, 2014

'The Little Prince' - A Dramatic Monologue by Dr. Mark Amerasinghe.

'The Little Prince's beloved rose claimed, with pride, that she was 'born at the same time as the sun'. Antoine de Saint-Exupery,fondly referred to by his brothers and sister, as 'the sun king' " le roi soleil" saw the first light of day on 29th June 1900, shortly after the birth of the 20th century.

In France, at least, this intrepid test-pilot who many a time risked his life in the fragile craft of the early    20th century, is considered a celebrity. The restless, imaginative child grew up to be one of the most adventurous, most admired aviation poneers of that epoch and one of France's greatly loved literary figures.

In 1930, Saint-Exupéry met the vivacious, seductive, young Salvadorean-born beauty, Consuelo, who became his wife and with whom he had a most tempestuous passionate and dramatically make-and-break love affair, described so vividly by Consuelo herself in her hidden away story, 'The Tale of the Rose, 'Mémoirs de la rose', published for the first time in the year 2000, 20 years after  her death, when the manuscript was unearthed from a stored away trunk. After the publication of this book, it is believed that Consuelo was his 'muse,' the inspiration for the Little Prince's beloved rose.

In 1944, this fighter for Free France, was reported missing together with his aircraft somewhere over the Mediterranean, believed to have been shot down by the Germans.

His best-loved work, The Little Prince, "Le Petit Prince", was published that same year.

Mark Amerasinghe today presents this magical tale as a monodrama adapted and scripted from his own translation of the original French work together with slides of the author's own water colour drawings that appear in the text.

Click on the web-link below to see the performance:-

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